The most interesting marketing case in the world

Screen cap from Dos Equis' website with message from "The Man"

If you can’t read the text of the picture on the left (you can also click on it to enlarge), here is the telegram message that greets visitors to if you click on the “Meet the Man” page to find out more about “The Most Interesting Man in the World-”

“My friend, welcome.

Congratulations on making it this far and finding my place of refuge. It is unfortunate I cannot be there to greet you in person. But feel free to look around, and get to know a little bit ABOUT ME AND MY INTERESTS. You might discover something about yourself in the process.

Good luck, and Stay Thirsty, my friends.”

Euro RSCG New York has generated a brilliant and engaging campaign here for Dos Equis (owned by Heineken) with this man as he is a direct play at the psyche of the American man, which is the exact demographic they are going after.  The campaign seems to be working, since sales of Dos Equis have been up every year since the campaign began in 2006.

His catch phrase of “Stay thirsty, my friends” is classy, brief, and easy to remember.  That’s pretty much the trifecta of a good advertising/marketing message. It definitely helps brand recognition as well.  If you were to ask someone which beverage used that slogan, it would be a very high probability the person asked would recall it to be Dos Equis.

"Stay thirsty, my friends."

The campaign has been wildly successful in the virtual realm as well, with an impressive 936,000-plus people “liking” the Dos Equis Facebook page featuring “The Man.”  Fans post their own creative tidbits about “The Man” on the page’s Wall with some being very funny and others, well…not as much.  There are also numerous Twitter accounts which claim to be “The Man” and dole out comparable one liners about him.  The Facebook page also features a tab to “The Most Interesting Cargo Hunt” game as well as a tab including information on a touring performance headlined this fall by Andrew WK called “The Most Interesting Show in the World.”  An Alexa search shows the online campaigns have driven the exact traffic they are looking to sell product to; the male, 18-34 demo.  Another captivating part of the campaign is there is somewhat of a story to follow.  Each commercial features “The Man” in different adventures, so the viewer is always wondering what will happen next.

Four years seems like a long time for one ad campaign to run.  However, due to its success in getting more people to drink beer, I can see Dos Equis being able use this campaign for quite some time.  In the current economic slowdown, it’s important to give people value for their money.  This campaign gives the illusion of luxury to the consumer when they are, in fact, just buying beer.  Well done, Dos Equis.  Well done.

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  1. What are your thoughts on this article:

    Celebrities on average cause a negative “lift” for the brand.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Carlo! Social networking is becoming more and more integrated with consumer purchase decisions these days and I think that really is diminishing the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement deals.

    Best Buy is thumbing their nose at that study, however, in using “The Biebs” in their upcoming Super Bowl ad.

    If tweens are their target market, perhaps it’s a good move, but do they watch the Super Bowl? I guess we’ll find out when Best Buy’s 2011 revenue numbers are released.


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