More Apple tablet speculation!

The rumored announcement of an Apple tablet device is making techies and fanboys jittery with excitement.

Since I have an iPhone and a Macbook Pro, I’m not really in the market for such a device but wondered what people (other than first adopters) would find useful about it.

The Kindle concept-

One theory is that the new iTablet (we’ll call it that until tomorrow when the name is released) would be used similarly to Amazon’s Kindle reader. I can see how that would be a useful device and it could possibly take a big chunk of market share away from Amazon.

The “big iPhone” concept-

Another theory is the new device will be used as a big iPhone (maybe a big iPod Touch since no one would use it as a phone) and be compatible with all of the apps the iPhone uses.  This one I don’t get.  If it’s a tablet “computer” the apps aren’t really necessary.  I’m assuming it will have Safari installed and I could go to say, instead of running a separate app for it.  Then again, the iTablet version of Safari would actually have to work with flash, so in that case perhaps apps would be still useful.

The “business use” concept-

Bringing a laptop to a meeting can be cumbersome.  Using the iTablet for presentations or demonstrations could be very helpful.  Clinics and hospitals use tablet pc’s for patient check-in.  Pharmaceutical Reps use tablets to outline information for Doctors and to have them sign something that says they saw the rep that particular day.  By entering the health care industry vertical, it creates a huge opportunity for Apple to produce new revenue streams and to compete with Microsoft in the same arena.

Overall, I think a tablet device is/would be a great idea for Apple to release at this time (compared to the Newton days) since the number of uses for such a device has skyrocketed due to the millions of apps out there.  Having Kindle as a well-known competitor device for customers to compare it to will also help.   We’ll see tomorrow what Steve Jobs’ vision is for the device.  I’m hoping for something Earth shattering that will change computing forever.  Or maybe we’ll just get a souped-up, much larger iPod Touch.  We’ll know in just a few short hours!


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  1. Hi chris,

    So glad you posted this – great comment. The goal of much of what I write is to spark conversation, and this one struck a cord. Thanks again.


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