Destination-based ads on airline displays

I was recently on a Delta flight to Los Angeles on a 767 which had seat back displays.  Throughout the flight, the displays showed ads for various things- the Delta American Express card, Hertz Rental Cars, among others.  Since I had plenty of time to think on this flight, I thought it would be a great idea for the airlines to use location or destination-based ads on those displays (if they aren’t doing it already).

Companies could post ads based on the destination of each flight that has these displays.  Or perhaps while you are streaking through the sky in the metal tube with wings, you could search for restaurants or other activities by using the seat back display.  Companies could pay the airline to appear in the search results.

Either option could be another revenue source for the already struggling airline industry and would also be helpful for travelers unfamiliar with their destination.

Obviously the seat back displays are a somewhat newer feature on planes and are not available on smaller planes yet, so this is a somewhat limited opportunity.  However, I can only imagine the technology will improve and evolve so it will make it less expensive to implement.  In the meantime, they should test it out on select flights and see how it performs.

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