2011- Summer of Sequels

When will it end??

While watching the Final Four I saw a commercial for “Fast 5” (aka Fast and Furious 5) and thought that it wasn’t the first sequel movie ad I have seen for movies coming up this year.  An article on Slashfilm.com mentions that there will be TWENTY SEVEN sequels this year, an all time record!  Here’s a few of them-

Scream 4– April 15th

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 – May 20th

Kung Fu Panda 2 and Hangover 2– May 26th

Cars 2– June 24th

Transformers 3 (Dark of the Moon)- July 1st

Harry Potter Part 7 (Part 2)– Double Sequel!- July 15th  (Couldn’t find a link to the official part 2 website, that’s not good, Warner Bros!)

Later on this year, we’ll see Sherlock Holmes- A Game of Shadows AND Mission: Impossible 4 (Ghost Protocol) released on December 16th.

Being somewhat of a writer, it is intellectually insulting to me that film studios lack the creativity to come up with great creative content, but as a businessperson I totally understand.  In our “uncertain economic times”, studios are relying more and more upon their trusted winning formulas and minimize their risk by putting out sequel after sequel.  After all, if you’re a film company, are you going to put millions of dollars into an unknown entity or a proven formula that works?

The other aspect of this is the consumer.  If consumers are so busy trying to keep up with bills and their daily routines, they won’t have time to research what movies are actually good, so they will most likely pick movies they hear good reviews from their friends and family.  They are also “voting with their wallets” and if discretionary income is lower these days, consumers are more likely to spend their money on something they know they will most likely enjoy.

Perhaps it is up to the studios to more creatively and effectively market their movies to make sure ones that are not sequels get their fair shake in the front of consumers’ eyeballs and spend less resources marketing sequels as they usually sell themselves.

What else can they do to promote the “good” stuff?

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