Did Chrysler hit the target?

In probably the second most talked about commercial after Super Bowl Sunday (behind VW’s “The Force” ad), Chrysler’s cinematic ad featuring the City of Detroit, a thumping sample from Eminem’s “One Shot”, and scenes of the rapper driving Chrysler’s new “200” sedan to a theater in Detroit. He then dramatically walks up on stage in front of a gospel choir to deliver the message “This is the Motor City….and this is what we do.”  You can see the ad for yourself right here-

On one hand, I think the ad hits the mark not only because of its high-quality cinematic production value, but also because it is conveying the message that Chrysler cars are made in Detroit which is a city that is hard working, produces great quality cars, and is on the rise again due to their strong work ethic and “never quit” attitude.

On the other hand, I think the ad missed the target because of who is featured in the ad. The sedan being showcased in the commercial seems to be a “sports sedan” that would most likely be purchased by the second half of the 18-54 key demographic who watches the Super Bowl. The problem with that is I cannot imagine that high of a percentage of people in that second half of the demo would be familiar with Eminiem and might wonder who the heck the guy is driving the car. If that is the case, then why would he influence their buying decision to pick up a Chrysler 200?

Again, I think it was a very well done ad, however, I just question its effectiveness in reaching Chrysler’s target market for the new 200.

What are your thoughts on this?

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