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Virgin Connects Passengers on the “fly”

Virgin America has announced a new mobile app for connecting passengers while in flight or waiting for flights.  The app is called “Here on Biz” and was built to ensure entrepreneurs “never miss a chance to connect.” It allows users to view LinkedIn connections that may also be on their Virgin America flight, at the […]

The New MySpace, JT, and missed opportunities

Justin Timberlake, star of boy bands, movies, pepsi commercials and recently adding the job description of angel investor ponied up some big time cash to invest in dying (lets face it, that’s what was happening to it) social network MySpace. Last year, the site was remade and polished to cosmetically (see screen shot below) look […]

Piling on Facebook

My friend John Nemo had an interesting post about why he thought “Facebook is Screwed.”   He points to a weak mobile application and lack of a good ad platform on said app. With all of the hullabaloo around their IPO, it seems like everyone is piling on Facebook when they are “down.” Although I […]

The most interesting marketing case in the world

If you can’t read the text of the picture on the left (you can also click on it to enlarge), here is the telegram message that greets visitors to if you click on the “Meet the Man” page to find out more about “The Most Interesting Man in the World-” “My friend, welcome. Congratulations […]

Sincerity of Zuck’s bucks

I heard through various media sources today that Mark Zuckerberg is donating $100 Million to the Newark School District as a charitable donation.  What brilliant timing on his part!  The movie  about his creation (or alleged “acquisition”) of Facebook called “The Social Network” is due out in a week and this generates TONS of PR […]