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Location-based app participation

While I was on vacation this past weekend for a wedding in Lexington, Kentucky I was at a couple of pretty amazing places.  One I won’t divulge due to the homeowner’s privacy, but the other was Spindletop Hall.  What came to my mind on the long drive home back to Des Moines was if people […]

MLB- YouTube watchdog

In my opinion, FREE drives brand growth on the internet. The more free material your customers can get, the more likely it is they will be driven to some sort of purchase down the road and become life long customers.

Quick post regarding Social Network URLs in marketing campaigns

Here’s my response to a post at Marketing.FM by Eric Friedman about companies linking to social network sites rather than their own in their advertising campaigns. “Great article, Eric.  First time commenter, long time reader here.  I think any time you get a potential customer to view ANY targeted media, it’s a win in my […]

More Apple tablet speculation!

The rumored announcement of an Apple tablet device is making techies and fanboys jittery with excitement. Since I have an iPhone and a Macbook Pro, I’m not really in the market for such a device but wondered what people (other than first adopters) would find useful about it. The Kindle concept- One theory is that […]

Domino's the disruptor?

Recently Domino’s Pizza announced they were changing the recipe for their pizza. In the above-linked USA Today article, consultant Howard Gordon mentions “I don’t know of any (restaurant) company that has attempted this.” In any industry, changing a winning formula seems like business “suicide.”  Gordon later makes a powerful statement; “Once you’ve built a brand, […]

AT&T = iBrand killer?

I have had a love/hate relationship with my iPhone.  Most of the time it is the as billed “Jesus phone” and other times it is well, NOT the “Jesus phone.” On the days I am frustrated with the device/service, it makes me doubt the machine that is Apple.  A past mantra/marketing campaign of theirs claimed- […]

Banks REDUCING overdraft fees??

Yes, really! I was a bit perplexed as to why Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Wells Fargo would make the decision to lower overdraft fees, especially considering service fees are the lifeblood of financial services companies’ bottom lines.  Then I realized the marketing impact of these decisions.  These companies can take advantage of […]