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Wells Fargo and fake accounts

When I heard about Wells Fargo letting 5300 employees go over setting up fake accounts, I was not surprised at all. CEO John Stumpf has already appeared in front of Senate and House committees respectively, regarding the matter, so this really is a major problem for the stagecoach brand. Firstly, the reason I wasn’t surprised about […]

How Chipotle can repair their brand image

I love burritos. Specifically Chipotle burritos. When I heard Chipotle was temporarily closing some of its restaurants because of  various food borne illnesses, then closing all of them for a day to have a company-wide meeting to discuss food safety, I was pretty concerned. The good news for Chipotle is the CDC is officially declared […]

Best Buy Going out of Business?

Last week I read this article from Forbes which discussed how the mighty electronics retailer Best Buy is on track to potentially go out of business. I feel like I am pretty familiar with the store as  they got their start in my home state of Minnesota and I have made many purchases from them […]

Dunkin Donuts expanding….again?

I happened to notice a Dunkin’ Donuts ad that ran during Monday Night Football the other night.  It appears they are looking to expand their reach after recently going public.  Dunkin Donuts are primarily an East Coast company and to spend the money to run national ads shows they really want to increase their national […]

LeBron James fails at brand management

Not only did NBA superstar LeBron James lose another Finals series last night, but this time his postgame comments taking aim at his critics most likely shredded what little regard some fans still had for him and may have tarnished his image and brand forever. After numerous bad decisions including and most prolifically “The Decision,” […]