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Definitely NOT how to promote your band…

Saw this from @ClubDistrict on Twitter via the LA Times. Seems like these guys should probably fire their manager or themselves.  They did have good intentions, however, as all proceeds from the song “Traffic Jam 101” will go to the organization “Homeless Children America.”  The sad part for the band is they will likely have […]

Domino's profits double due to new campaign

Recently I did a blog post about the bold strategy of Domino’s Pizza changing their pizza recipe in response to customer feedback and in hopes of increasing sluggish sales. Apparently, the initial campaign has been a resounding success.  In fourth quarter 2008, Domino’s saw profits of $11 million, or 19 cents a share.  This past […]

Domino's the disruptor?

Recently Domino’s Pizza announced they were changing the recipe for their pizza. In the above-linked USA Today article, consultant Howard Gordon mentions “I don’t know of any (restaurant) company that has attempted this.” In any industry, changing a winning formula seems like business “suicide.”  Gordon later makes a powerful statement; “Once you’ve built a brand, […]

Wells Fargo effectiveness on Twitter

For most of my career after college, I have worked in the Financial Services industry;  primarily for banks and mortgage companies. I’ve had the experience of working for Wells Fargo during that time so I am familiar with their culture. With social media being so popular, there are a glut of companies that are participating […]

Hello world!

I’ll just use the default WordPress greeting for now.  I have decided (finally) to do a blog.  Topics I will cover will range from marketing, tech products, software, social media, music, sports, and whatever else pops into my mind.  Can’t wait to get started on this.  Hopefully I’ll get this changed over to my domain […]