2011- Summer of Sequels

While watching the Final Four I saw a commercial for “Fast 5” (aka Fast and Furious 5) and thought that it wasn’t the first sequel movie ad I have seen for movies coming up this year.  An article on Slashfilm.com mentions that there will be TWENTY SEVEN sequels this year, an all time record!  Here’s […]

Credit Bureaus taking “advantage” of consumers

With identity theft running rampant these days, it’s important to keep tabs on your personal credit report at least once a year.  A recent article in the LA Times points out that credit bureaus make it very difficult to even purchase a copy of your credit report from them WITHOUT purchasing their “credit monitoring” services […]

Did Chrysler hit the target?

In probably the second most talked about commercial after Super Bowl Sunday (behind VW’s “The Force” ad), Chrysler’s cinematic ad featuring the City of Detroit, a thumping sample from Eminem’s “One Shot”, and scenes of the rapper driving Chrysler’s new “200” sedan to a theater in Detroit. He then dramatically walks up on stage in […]

The most interesting marketing case in the world

If you can’t read the text of the picture on the left (you can also click on it to enlarge), here is the telegram message that greets visitors to www.DosEquis.com if you click on the “Meet the Man” page to find out more about “The Most Interesting Man in the World-” “My friend, welcome. Congratulations […]

Definitely NOT how to promote your band…

Saw this from @ClubDistrict on Twitter via the LA Times. Seems like these guys should probably fire their manager or themselves.  They did have good intentions, however, as all proceeds from the song “Traffic Jam 101” will go to the organization “Homeless Children America.”  The sad part for the band is they will likely have […]

Sincerity of Zuck’s bucks

I heard through various media sources today that Mark Zuckerberg is donating $100 Million to the Newark School District as a charitable donation.  What brilliant timing on his part!  The movie  about his creation (or alleged “acquisition”) of Facebook called “The Social Network” is due out in a week and this generates TONS of PR […]

My five social media "don'ts"

After reviewing my Twitter followers this evening I was also looking at some of their tweets to see if I really needed to be following them as well.  There were quite a few followers who I had no interest in following back and I will touch on why in a minute since they had committed […]

Location-based app participation

While I was on vacation this past weekend for a wedding in Lexington, Kentucky I was at a couple of pretty amazing places.  One I won’t divulge due to the homeowner’s privacy, but the other was Spindletop Hall.  What came to my mind on the long drive home back to Des Moines was if people […]

MLB- YouTube watchdog

In my opinion, FREE drives brand growth on the internet. The more free material your customers can get, the more likely it is they will be driven to some sort of purchase down the road and become life long customers.

Domino's profits double due to new campaign

Recently I did a blog post about the bold strategy of Domino’s Pizza changing their pizza recipe in response to customer feedback and in hopes of increasing sluggish sales. Apparently, the initial campaign has been a resounding success.  In fourth quarter 2008, Domino’s saw profits of $11 million, or 19 cents a share.  This past […]